Tamara Santana is a professional photographer who combines her love of animals and her photographic talent to capture pet personalities. Tamara shares her home with a couple of much-adored rescue dogs named Mocha and Cappuccino. They are the best of friends and enjoy hanging out at Tamara’s feet everyday. Tamara began her career early as a pet photographer by using animals as subjects while she was in school at Brooks Institute of Photography and needed models for her assignments. With 3-4 assignments per week she had to use whoever she could find to practice on and dogs were readily available around her neighbourhood!

Once Tamara got started in her career working as a wedding photographer, she would get asked to do family photography that often included the family dog. This lead to doing portraits of the dogs on their own Tamara loves to photograph dogs and animals wearing crowns and other posh props! “They just looks so cute and regal in crowns” she says. “it really elevates them to be royal little beings!“ Tamara’s secret stash includes about 15-20 different crowns of various shapes, materials and sizes. She says she is obsessed with getting the right crown to stay on the dogs head! She has a patience to put it back on as many times as it takes to get the shot. There are little tricks to getting it to stay.

She has since been commissioned to photograph a lot of pets including dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, rats and horses, birds and guinea pigs. Working with pets all over the country, Tamara prefers to meet clients where their pets are most comfortable. She offers in home or on location photographic sessions.

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