Zoomin Catnip 1/2 oz


Looking for a Healthy Choice for Catnip?

Azmira Holistic Animal Care Zoomin’ Catnip supplement contains all-natural, wild-crafted, pesticide-free catnip. This product provides is holistic, natural and great for the the well-being for your cat and scratch post training


Ingredients:  Catnip (Leaves and Buds).

Directions:  Add a pinch to an old piece of cloth and sew it shut; refill your cat’s favorite catnip toy; place a pinch on the rug and watch them roll around in glee; may be used to “scent” a piece of carpet or a scratching post; add to crate for calmer travels; place in hidden spots to add to the fun.

You just need to use a lil bit. Watch your cat roll around in glory!


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